Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Spreeder - The ADHD Sudent's Best Friend

 I have an extremely difficult time focusing on what I'm reading unless I'm really into it. I guess that's another symptom of ADHD. This interesting online app, spreeder, is the best way to overcome your ADHD or ADHD-like tendencies and read stuff you don't necessarilly want to. In fact it force-feeds you the text, and allows you to automatically speed-read it without actually knowing how to do it by yourself.

The only downside is that you have to copy and paste the text in. So it's best for those long news articles, journal submissions, and even ebooks if you can find what you need in a text-based pdf format.

EDIT: This is basically the point of it: the app plays the text like a video, displaying it really quickly in flashes so you -view- it instead of -reading- it (aka sub-vocalization), which lets you absorb the material more quickly.


  1. wow.

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    I. Must. Have. It.

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  7. Very interesting. I'm gonna check this out. I've struggled with ADHD for years. Maybe this will help.